Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am supporting Brian Birdwell for Texas State Senate

So, where was David Sibley during the recent Republican Convention in Dallas? I didn't see him anywhere and I constantly heard other Republicans asking the same thing. However, I did see Brian talking to everyone, explaining his viewpoints on the issues.

Apparently Sibley is and has been for some time supporting Democrats with donations. Because I am pro-life, I can't support the Democratic Party. Why would a Republican support Democratic candidates against Republican candidates? I don't have a good guess about that.

What I do know is that I received a mailout the other day from Sibley campaign stating, if elected, he would introduce a bill to limit property tax increase to maximum of 5% a year. The mailout stated Brian Birdwell has spoken at a Republican Women's meeting and supported a max of 10% a year increase.

Lee Asks, did Sibley sandbag Birdwell? I don't know. I wasn't at the Republican Women's meeting, so I didn't hear the actual statement. I have emailed Brian for clarification. Could it be somebody asked a question and an answer was given offering a maximum, then this was construed as "support?"

At the convention, I did tell one of Brian's supporters that I am not swayed emotionally by his service to the U.S. and his injuries when the Pentagon was hit by terrorists on 9-11. I appreciate his service and feel compassion regarding the damage caused to him by that attack. But, when I vote in an election, it is over issues and character, not just that someone suffered. Is the candidate honest, dependable, responsible for what he/she does, maintain integrity and consistency, and how does he/she treat the "little people" ? (woops - got to watch that phrase now after the Chairman of the Board at BP used "small people" to explain the company is going to be responsible to those damaged by the oil spill.)

For decades of my life, I've interpreted the phrase "little people" to mean those of us who are not rich and cannot donate massive sums of money to campaigns. I support candidates who listen to me and other middle and lower class people as well as those who donate a lot. I consider myself one of the "little people," although certainly no longer in physical size - love all that chocolate, banana pudding, and ice cream TOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUCHHHH.

Money alone does not make one intelligent. Education is great, but so is life experience and hands-on work. 

I liked the fact that Brian Birdwell, at the convention, stood and listened to people I know who are plain middle class (and fixed income now) citizens who CARE about the direction in which our country is moving. It so happens that I agree with Brian on the issues. His website is Of course, I always suggest people study BOTH or ALL candidates for an office and make up their own minds. That is what I do and I think that shows respect for the fact that God gave us very advanced brains with which to analyze, reason, and implement action.

One more thing - and this goes out to my dear friends - if you are NOT voting, I really don't want to hear your opinion about what is wrong with our country. But then, you know that, because I say it often. If you don't care enough to vote, you just don't care.SM

April 22 is the election day for the Republican Senate Seat for Texas District 22, which is quite a few counties. That is this coming TUESDAY! PLEASE VOTE. Now, I'm going to email my Republican friends just to make sure they are voting Tuesday!

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