Sunday, June 20, 2010

Composting and Community Gardening and a Mentor Party

Miss Margaret and I went Saturday to work at Kirby Creek in Grand Prairie. We are doing our volunteer service hours in order to become certified Master Composters. It was HOT, but a great day. It is wonderful to see local people come to the garden to weed, water, compost, pick veggies, mow, etc. Glenda was out the other day to water and Vijit waters often. We appreciate his leadership at the garden. Enjoyed seeing Ameeta (Vijit's wife) again. The squash bus seemed to have lessened. We started 2 new bins. The greens were cut down as the guys (Vijit, Bruce, and Earl) cut the honeysuckle to free the A-frames on which the butter beans could be twined. Bob and Billy had mad the frames and they are great. We also were able to get grass clippings when Earl and Margaret mowed. Bruce did a lot of weedeating and pulling weeds. Liz and Glenda really spruced up the veggies and sunflowers. Vijit and Ameeta did some of everything. I work too, but always impressed with how much the others can accomplish. Our rest and eat time was delicious. We enjoyed chips and sala, bean dip, quesadillas, and chutney. Hands-on is really the best way to master gardening and composting.

From Kirby Creek, we went to Miss Margaret's (actually, that is a Mrs., but we just call each "Miss" as though we are teens living a century ago) beautiful home where we showered and changed. Then we went to Ginger and George's home for the Master Gardener Mentor event. As always, everything was perfect. Ginger gave a tour of her garden, hen and goat pen, bee keeping area, etc. She is Mother Earth personified.

Being in Master Gardeners and Master Composters is truly a blessing to me. The people are great and I love learning so much and getting back to nature.

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