Thursday, June 7, 2012

Congressional Hearing on Green Jobs

Watching some video on Congressional hearing - if you are sweeping the floor in a solar panel facility, it is a "green job." If someone drives a hybrid school bus, that is considered a "green" job. If someone puts gas into a hybrid school bus, that is a "green job." If a college professor teaches environmental studies, that is a "green job,." If someone drives any school bus driver, that is a "gre...en job." Employees at a bicycle shop, yes - a "green job.". Since I am more a left brain thinker, these would not be my classifications. But there are a lot of right brain thinkers in Washington, D.C., which is why we are in such a financial mess, and these classifications make sense to them as does the thinking of some that it is ok to leak intelligence information that hurts our foreign relations and makes it more difficult for U.S. employees in foreign countries to do their jobs. I think the latter is treason and to me, "green jobs" would be MANUFACTURING, INSTALLING, AND MAINTAINING solar panels, wind turbines, etc. not sweeping floors and driving hybrid busses. If somebody can help me understand the classifications, please give it a try. Maybe I got sucked into a parallel universe - LOL. I just know a lot of things coming out of Washington, D.C. simply don't make sense to me!