Friday, December 15, 2017

Been awhile

i keep up with politics and am on Twitter and Facebook often plus blogging on my astrological blog, so haven't blogged here for ages.

After watching the video of the young man admitting to voter fraud in the AL special election between candidates Jones and Moore, i felt angry. The people of AL should decide who will be their senator, not a bunch of people from other states who illigitimately vote.

I don't know if Moore is guily of sexual harassment. It is bothersome that this Barbara Nelson admitted to making changes in the yearbook she sbd attorney Gloria Alred have used as proof that Moore was in some type of relationship with her when he was in his 30s abd she was a teen. No wonder they wouldn't turn over the yearbook for forensic analysis.

I hope the whole truth comes out at some point and i do hope the people who committed voter fraud are charged. We shall see!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Uranus and War

In Aquarian Age Astrology, Uranus rules Life and Death and note, this is NOT Piscean Age Astrology.

When we look at Uranus in Aries in the Pre-America and American History and consider how much violence is in the world right now and how close the U.S. is to a coming war some are calling World War III, we view the years when Uranus was in Aries. It travels through all the 12 SYSTEMS (Piscean Age is Signs) every 84 years.

Therefore, 2017 is violence and we are close to war with N. Korea.

84 years ago was 1939, when we see the rise of NAZI Germany and just 2 years before the U.S. enters World War II in December, 1941.

84 years before 1939 was 1855, just 6 years before the Civil War in the U.S. This war also was known as the War of Rebellion, the War of Northern Aggression, and the War Between the States.

84 years before 1855 was 1771, just 5 years before the start of the American Revolution against Britain.

84 years before 1771 is 1687, just 2 years before King William's War in Pre-America begins.

84 years before 1687 is 1603 just 4 years before Jamestown was founded and, of course, Roanoke Colony already had been founded in 1587 and then discovered to be deserted in 1590.

it appears obvious that Uranus that we call "Iron Man Jumper Pumper" (c) in Aquarian Age Astrology in the Muscle System, we call "Muscle Hustle" (c) in the new astrology emphasizes enormous conflict and the muscle system does work by conflict.