Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 2013

Since my last posting, which was so long ago, I've been been writing and publishing fiction, non-fiction, and sheet music at Smashwords and Amazon. Smashwords makes ebooks available at a number of other online retailers. I'm trying to finish up my Lee Gabor writings so that I can begin to concentrate on the Lee Masters astrology writings. Also, I'm heavly involved in helpng my son with his business ventures and those do take quite a bit of time.

I simply wanted to write something today in order to keep this blog going.

I've done very little regarding political interests. That is because I think the US is going under and nothing I can say or do at this point is going to help turn the tide.  A friend sent me info that listed the last 16 presidents of the country and the percentage of people close to them (advisors) who had experience in the business industry INSTEAD of experience only in education, community action committees, and non-profits. Fifty percent of more of the advisors to all presidents other than Carter and Obama had business experience. For Carter, 34% had for-profit business experience and, as totally expected by me, Obama's admnistration has 8% with experience in business. To me, regardless of the social ideals, the election of Romney was the only chance America had of the boat turning around and with a healthy economy again, the social ideals could have been tackle. I'll write a lot more about the downfall of America when I do the astrological writing.

Enough said, my purpose has been fulfilled - keeping blog going.