Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Says He Doesn't Care

I watch news on all stations, especially Fox on Cable, since they usually are first with breaking stories. I also get emails from all over the world regarding news and events there and, especially, economics and politics.

My U. S. Congressional Representative, Joe Barton, made the statement during the Congressional hearing of British Petroleum's CEO Tony Hayward that he apologized to BP for President Obama's "shakedown" for forcing BP to put $20 billion into an escrow account. I don't think Rep. Barton was apologizing for the fact that BP set aside the money, only in the manner in which it was done, which apparently was the Obama administration's saying, "we are filing criminal charges against you, if you don't do this." Making such a faux pas is unusual for Rep. Barton, since he normailly is right on top of issues. Of course, the Republican Party then forced Rep. Barton to apologize or lose his seat on the powerful committee. To me, it is a shame this BP issue has become so politicized when it is having such a negative effect on people and the ecology. All this talk and finger-pointing is NOT solving the problem.

Anyway, in talking about this story, Bill O'Reilly said on his program (repeated again today) that "I don't care how Obama did this." Another mis-speak, I HOPE. I would not like to think that anyone on Fox Cable News has the opinion that whatever someone in government does to achieve an action is OK.  I would like to think Bill means, "in this case, I don't care." He didn't say that. We all mis-speak by commission or omission.  To me, the only point of the BP situation AT THIS TIME should be getting the spill stopped and financially supporting those people who are losing income NOW.

The sad situation about the latter is that some of those fisherpeople and other workers took cash monies over the past years and did not claim all the monies on their taxes. Therefore, they can't provide the requested tax return copies to prove their income was the amount they are now trying to get BP to pay. I know it is tempting to avoid paying taxes on all the money one makes, but it is those taxes that keep our military strong, keep our government running, keep highways paved, pay for Medicaid to help people who need help, pay for Social Security benefits to those people who have only that income upon which to live, etc. For all its faults, this is still the greatest nation IN THE WORLD and we do more to help others than any other nation I know of. For me, paying taxes is an honor, even though I don't agree with the way Congress always spends the money, and certainly not the out-of-control spending now being done. I love this county and the CONSTITUTION which limits executive power, gives me freedom of speech and the right to protect myself and myfamily, gives us freedom of religion, makes our nation great, etc.

Regarding the immigration law in Arizona, I've been watching the teacher in LA who is sponsoring a trip of his students to travel to Arizona and protest the new law. It is correct for young people to get involved and, especially, to understand BOTH SIDES of an issue so they can make up their own minds. In this situation, what if the teacher and kids were traveling to that section of Arizona about which the U.S. Government states Americans should NOT visit because it is dangerous due to the drug cartel people with their automatic weapons. Should the kids go there? I think not. However, if the teacher took them to that area, would they all understand how desperate Arizona citizens (Hispanics as well as non-Hispanics) feel. Not all Hispanics are against the new law. Some of the supporters are Hispanics who entered America legally or were born in America. Also, for many decades, ALL aliens have been, by federal law, required to carry citizenship papers with them at all times. I certainly carry my driver's license, car insurance, and auto registration info when I travel. The issue in this case is protecting the border. Arizona citizens have a right to that and we, in Texas, have a right to protect our border also. The shame is not doing this in a smart way (years ago) so that it isn't an issue not that is splitting our country and causing a lot of good people such grief. And one more point, we have yet to see how the law enforcers in Arizona will apply the law. To assume all of them will do racial profiling is an insult to the good people who put their lives on the line daily to protect and serve the people. Yes, there probably will be a few jerks, but they are the minority and it is up to the people in Arizona to stop them and CONVICT them of their wrongs.

And how awful that the Governor of Arizona had to learn from an interview in Ecuador of Sec. of State Hillary Clinton that the U.S. Government is suing Arizona over this law (which doesn't go into effect until the end of July). I guess another change of President Obama is for the White House and Attorney General's office to no longer give courtesy calls to governors regarding issues that relate directly to them.

I absolutely understand the thinking of my dear friends who voted for Obama in order to achieve the changes he touted in his campaign. However, the changes I am seeing are not the ones he spoke of - more transparancy, etc.  I can only say I'm such a realist about politics, since I've been involved in issues since I was a kid, that is was obvious Obama couldn't do what he said he could do. He is a brillian Academic, but not a practical person or realist. As Gov. Huckabee said, "he has never even operated a lemon stand." Being a community activist does not give one the management and business experience to operate this big country.

I used to joke that I supported "Miss Piggy for President." It seems to me a lot of what is happening is just as bizarre.

I hope SOON we get back to the REAL problems: putting Americans to work, stopping the huge deficit that can potentially destroy and bankrupt us, stopping the spill in the Gulf and getting the spill cleaned up as soon as possible (where are those Dutch ships and Saudi tankers that the federal government stopped from coming to the Gulf to help?), and much more.

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