Monday, July 19, 2010

Changes - I'm left brain and pro-active - don't deal well with them

Can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted. The time has flown by. My daughter and granddaughters were here from Missouri and we had a July 4 event at my oldest grandchild's home - that is the beautiful Anna that was on Good Morning Dallas, Channel 8, recently. I love to look at the old snapshots of Miss Anna. As a baby, she did hand-painted silk scarves and even had her own label. She was a joy to watch as she would pick up a brush, put it back, contemplate which of the others to choose, then finally grab one and begin painting. Many of us still have our scarves and ties.

Anna also worked in my office when she was a little girl - she filed, straightened up the desk, threw items into the trash can, those types of tasks. I paid her by check and then cashed the checks for her. She loved sitting at the desk as a business person. She would pick up the phone and pretend to talk.

Rox and Lene are getting so grown - I hardly recognized them. They are doing very well in their school in Missouri - both play sports. I just can't get over how grown they seem.

It was great to see my daughter Krisy, especially to enjoy a steak dinner at a local restaurant. Krisy has always been a steak lover and we had a great time. I try to call her Kristina when in her presence, but she will always be Krisy to me.

Some of us who taught together at Silberstein Elementary and Gonzalez Elementary Schools in Dallas (2002 through my final year 2007-2008) recently enjoyed an evening together, along with families, at the Asian Buffet in Mesquite. The place is huge and had lots of different dishes, including steak and sushi.

It was super to see everyone. I do miss the teachers and the kids. There are truly some of the world's best people associated with Dallas ISD.

I'm hoping on Monday, Aug. 9 that we can do this again and that more of our friends can join us. I put the info on my Facebook page and this is not last minute, so hopefully I'll get to see lots of the terrific people I miss. The Aug. 9 event is right before the teachers return for the 2010-2011 year.

Now, my changes complaint - when I set up a program, I like to be proactive, to think of all possible ramifications, effects, etc., and only THEN draw up my plans and documents. Lately, it seems I'm involved in situations in which the opposite happens - we get into something, act on information we've received, then we're told the policies have changed. That is difficult for me, especially AFTER I've acted on the previous information.

It will be quite a nuisance to constantly ask, "Are you sure you want to do it this way?" or "Are you sure these are the guidelines we use" and other questions. It will be easier to just withdraw from all that and do my own program.  Maybe this and maybe that is a right-brain way of thinking and it works extremely well when one is an artist, writer, entertainer, and in many other professions that require creativity. It just doesn't work well for some of us when rules are made and then constantly changed once we're in the program.

I try to be balanced, using both left and right brain - left brain for step-by-step activities, balancing checkbook, being accountable, keeping my calendar up to date and right brain for all the creative activities I truly enjoy. I just like my actions to be "grandfathered" in, IF I've already been completing things and someone decides to change the requirements. I do understand reasons for the changes and, in many cases, applaud the need for them. I just don't accept that changes should be made in the middle of a project.

I seem to be quite a misfit these days. I am going with the flow of that to the greatest extent I'm capable. Of course, I'll absolutely be more careful in the future about activities in those groups. I don't like feeling frustrated or irritated. I wonder how many people really enjoy those emotions?

I've asked myself, "Why is this happening to you?" I've answered, "Maybe I need the lesson." Therefore, I will become much more careful to be 100% authentic and up-front with people with whom I'm involved in any project, association, business venture, etc. This isn't always easy for me in the sense that I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where we were taught to always be polite and sweet, no matter what was happening. I learned from that to not always express myself when something bothers me. I need to improve in the area of letting others more clearly become aware of my dislike.

Life is growth and I do think, as long as we're on this planet, there is more opportunity to learn. My desire is to become the very best person I can be. The recent frustrations are giving me a nudge toward being more objective.

That's all for today - will try to get back to this soon. On Wednesday, I'll be working more volunteer hours at Kirby Creek in Grand Prairie as I earn my Master Composter certification. Also, need to pick up worms in GP. The worms are for Thursday when I'm doing a 2-hour program at the Ellis County 4-H camp. This is through the Master Gardeners association. We're making Worm Towers as one of our parts of the program. The kids always love anything that includes red wigglers.

Will let you know how that turns out and, as always, I'm glad to know your thoughts.