Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pre-K Teacher arrested and charged with sexual assault(s)

News on DISD (Dallas TX Independent School District) teacher arrested for sexual abuse of students - Jorge Ruiz - I checked certifications and there are 3 for males of this name and all three are Bilingual Generalists EC through 4th grade (just that thoughts makes me sick).
There is one more, who is Jorge Leis Ruiz, but his certifications have expired and they were all grades PE and HS Spanish.

You can look up any teacher's certification(s) from the Texas Education Agency at the website to which I'm linking, but you must have a correct name (mine only comes up with Leciana Gabor and not "Lee," which is my nickname. The link is

The news just reported this Jorge Ruiz teaches Pre-K at DISD's Kramer Elementary School. The sex assault of the alleged first child was from 8 years ago when the victim was 7 years old and a second alleged victim has come forward. This is sickening!!!!

DISD has placed the guy on "administrative leave," although he is in jail. Parents of students at the school are upset that the school didn't send home a notice and some parents learned that the teacher was arrested by watching the 4:00 local television news.

Texas latest polls for 2016 Presidential Election

Trump is just a few points ahead of Hillary Clinton, but both are under 50%. This is no surprise to me.

Although Texas has been a strong Republican state, with all the people moving here from California, New York, and New Jersey, the state is moving to becoming more Democratic.

The reason many of those people are leaving those three states is because the Democrats ruined them financially and the taxes are so high now, people can't afford to stay there.

Texas has NO state income tax. That will have to change when it becomes a Dem majority.

Solar Energy Tax Credit

Solar Energy credit on IRS form - use form 5695 for Residential Energy Credit (goes on line 53 of 1040). You do NOT have to itemize deductions to take this credit, but it is a NON-BUSINESS credit - obviously for residences (per the title of the form).
I'm posting because there are so many ads on television and on Facebook for solar energy.

Obama's programs - Which will happen first?

Obama has two new programs - which will occur first? Joe Biden's committee will cure cancer or all traffic fatalities will stop because of the driverless vehicles?

Blogging Today and ABOUT TIME!

Good grief. This is my first blog post since February of this year and it is October. That is AWFUL.

I've been posting opinions prolifically on Facebook, but need to be doing that here instead. I have started a Facebook Archive and will post here many, if not all of those opinions since February. Also, will post the astrological postings on my astrology blog.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

School Principals Spouting off without RESEARCH TO BACK OPINIONS

This type of thing is very distressing to me because it causes problems for educators and for students.

There is NO reliable and verifiable research at this time that states students should be taught by someone of their own race and for a principal to say that really frustrates me - it means SHE IS IGNORANT and also IS RACIST.

There is no room for racism in education, yet I've seen so much of it and actually quit a job with a district because they continued to hire a blatant racist and I refuse to work for someone like that!

Students need teachers who are knowledgeable, professional, creative, use the best teaching styles for the students' learning styles, use best practices and differentiated learning programs, and CARE about the students as well as SHOW they care!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two Doses of BS

First, the sports announcer on CBS is saying Jason Garrett allegedly said the Cowboys are the best players in the country. If that were so, wouldn't they be going to the Superbowl? And, I'm well aware the problem is Jerry Jones, but, to me, if each player is THAT good, he could accept a position on a team that Jerry Jones does not own - a team that might actually go to the Superbowl, so blaming JJ doesn't wash.
And 2) I listened to Obama's State of the Union address in which he talked about how great the U.S. economy is because of his administration and yet, today, the Federal Reserve announced they can't at this time raise interest rates because the economy is so poor and, when that was announced, the Dow dropped 200 points.
So, I think both Garrett and Obama are full of BS!