Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another mis-speak - comes down to lack of respect, in my opinion

General McChrystal and some of his aids gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine. Unfortunately, a number of statements were made that showed immense disrespect for the administration in Washington (President Obama and Vice President Biden, for example) plus comments on where we are in the war effort.
The General's aid that set up the interview already has been fired.

I know from PERSONAL experience that when I don't respect someone, I am apt to make statements that show my disdain.

I think General McChrystal is simply one of the many of us who think President Obama, for all of his academic intelligence, is in way over his head regarding the practical management of this country and, especially, the military and wars. When this is the situation, it is hard for some of us to keep shut our mouths and avoid stating our opinions regarding operations and where they are leading us down a wrong path.

One of two things happened with Barach Obama. Either he is a puppet of George Soros and out to consciously transform this country into a socialist nation OR he is smart, thought President Bush was doing a lousy job, and thought he (Obama) could do better. I think I know which, but will avoid saying. However, regardless of the reason he became president, he simply wasn't prepared, in my opinion. Unfortunately, none of us truly knows how difficult things can be until we "walk in the shoes of those in command." I don't think President Obama had or has now a clue how to run the country, but he did run a great campaign. Being a Mayor, Governor, or other government administrator could have helped him greatly to be ready to be President.

When I was with Dallas ISD, there were times I disagreed with my principal. It was only after earning my Masters degree in Educational Leadership and doing all the hands-on activities required that I realized what a big job it is to lead a school, its faculty and staff, its students, and ALL the stakeholders, while following the practices of the district. I gained a great deal more respect for my principal once I moved into the Academic Coordinator position.

We do not know what General McChrystal is going through every day in the war zone. Certainly, President Obama may visit there, but until he puts on a uniform, picks up a gun, and fights for his life over there, he doesn't truly understand what is going on. I think this is true of any of us. We get it WHEN we walk in those shoes.

I think General McChrystal probably will lose his job over this. He should not have spoken out against the administration. As I told my students many, many, many times - you can think what you want to, but be careful what you say. Sometimes, however, we are just bursting with frustration and we "poop" from the mouth. So, I think I understand what was going on - sort of the same thing as General MacArthur in Japan at the end of World War II - just had to say what he thought - just couldn't contain his irritation anymore. The sad thing is, this is just another example of the mess we are in that seems to show people in the rest of the world that things in America are out of control.

I've been working outside today as well as filing photos on my computer. In a few minutes, I'll clean up and go vote. At least we still can do that in this country.

NEWS FLASH - Judge ruled against Obama administration regarding moratorium on Gulf drilling.

Lee Asks: Does this mean those 150,000 jobs won't be lost and those companies won't abandon the rigs in the Gulf and move to other, more friendly nations? I hope so. I don't like paying $3.09 a gallon for gasoline for the Audi and $2.79 for the Focus. I certainly don't want to pay more than that.

Finally, I have a Twitter follower who is a dear friend and one of the finest teachers and people I have ever known. I just have to now figure out how to use Twitter AND keep what I say to 160 characters. Oh PLEASE! I am so thankful for this free blog on which I can say all I want.

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