Friday, November 13, 2009 Website AND Thanks to Our Founders

I am so excited about finally getting the website published. It should be up on Nov. 15. I pray this site will help residents of and visitors to Ellis County find our businesses and our service organizations. There are individual pages for our 55 names communities plus a Calendar of Events, Job Bank, and Classified section. A Training page will offer resources for how to start a business.

Another feature of the website is to provide histories of our communities. I am still in awe that Bristol lost being the State Capitol by ONE vote. Even our "ghost towns" have links to historical information.

Also included is a link to the 13-part map of Ellis County that shows the cemeteries, schools, railroads, and creeks that were detailed a century ago. Another link takes viewers to North Texas University, where one may read The History of Ellis County, a lengthy old book available online.

We had lots of rain recently and many yards looked like lakes. Red Oak Creek came almost to the top of the bridge on Neck Road and the frontage roads on I-45 were closed due to overruns of the creeks. I don't know if I-35 was hit as hard.

My point is, as I viewed all of this water and mud, I couldn't help but think of how difficult life was for the Native Americans prior to the immigrations of the Spanish, French, and English. And, how hard it was for our early settlers, trying to drive horse and oxen drawn wagons and cattle across ankle-deep mud.

People all over our planet have worked hard for thousands of years to make life a little easier for the next generation(s). Our Ellis County settlers, both those that stayed here and those that homesteaded temporarily on their way farther west, are to be appreciated for their determination. We have a wonderful county because of the many people before us. A special thank you to them.

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Nola @ the Alamo said...

Hi Lee, I've been visiting your blog and your website, enjoying both. You've put lots of work in on, I've been finding out new information about this county I've called home almost all my life!
I enjoyed visiting with you while working the MG tent at the trails yesterday. Hope to see you at the next meeting ~ Nola