Friday, November 13, 2009

Small Appliances Left Plugged In Can Cause A Fire

Today, just down the road from us, a home was totally destroyed by fire. Thank God, no one was injured. The home owners were in Dallas and drove home to find devastation. We stopped by to see how we could help. The Red Cross was on site. As we receive information of what the family needs, I'll post it here.

It is believed the fire started in the kitchen, although official determination is not available this soon. Because of this possibility, I just wanted to remind everyone to never leave small appliances plugged when one leaves the house. Also, we should never leave the washer, dryer, or dishwasher operating when we're not home.

Years ago, in Plano, I had a friend whose house burned. While the humans were not home and, therefore, were not physically injured, their beloved dog was in the home and died. According to the Fire Chief's report, that fire started in the kitchen as a result of a coffee maker, which had been left plugged in, although it was turned off. I was told back then, that there are many, many fires caused by small appliances which may be "off" but are plugged into the wall receptacle.

After my friend's tragedy in 1994, I made it a point to keep small appliances unplugged and to never leave an appliance on when I left the house (with the exception of the refrigerator, of course). Even my clocks run on  batteries, so I don't worry about a tiny object creating a fire.

Our hearts are heavy for the loss of our neighbors and our prayers are with them. Thank you for your prayers, as well.

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