Thursday, November 12, 2009

Strengthening Ellis County TX communities

On November 15, our new website will be posted at I am very excited about the interest already shown for this idea.

We have a number of businesses throughout out county and it is important that we buy locally, so that our neighbors have jobs. We also have many wonderful home-based businesses without business telephone numbers and therefore without a listing anywhere. Hopefully, this new site will provide a venue for these businesses. Our cities and towns have many service organizations and non-profits in the same situation as some of the home-based businesses. Without phone numbers listed in the Yellow Pages, many of our citizens don't know of the existences of these volunteer groups. The more our residents and guests know about them, the more support there will be for them.

The site also provides a Calendar of Events, Classified ads, and a Job Bank. Other features may be added as we move along.

As always, thank you for your support. I think most all of us want to have a home with a great quality of life. By getting involved in our county and its many communities, we can influence the ideals of positive living.

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