Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stupid Things I Do and Did They Really Do That?

One thing I do that is absolutely not smart: I write something on the computer, I do research for someone, or I look at something on the Internet and copy and paste it to Word on my computer, then, when saving it, I STUPIDLY just save it to the desktop, knowing later I'll come back and move it to the correct file folder.

Today is one of those times when I'm moving files to their respective folders.  Almost everytime I do this, I promise myself that next time when I initially complete the action, I put the results in the correct file right then and not save to desktop.

I've made and broken this promise to myself many times.  I get into a rush and, yes, it is faster to save to desktop.  Is faster the same as smarter?  Absoltuely not.  Why?  Because with some of these docs or items I saved quickly with some crazy name, I must now take the time to open the doc to figure ot what it is and, therefore, to where it should be moved!  That is NOT an efficient use of time.  Sometimes I have to rename the file as I move it to a folder. It would be more efficient to at least get it into the correct folder, even with a crazy filename.  When I'm searching for it, I would at least start in the right place.

I'll try to do better, but won't promise to do so regarding this matter, since I've broken this promise so many times.  I'm not proud of breaking promises to myself, but I only do so regarding a few issues - won't eat more chocolate, will lose weight, will file correctly, will get rid of some of the thins I have that I no longer need. (like the size 8 clothes that are too small, but just in case I lose weight, I need them!). 

Breaking promises is stupid.  If I'm going to break them, I shouldn't make them to begin with.  So, I promise to try to do better in this area!

So what do I think is really stupid and I hope I am absolutely wrong! On a newscast last night, the announcement was made that the new Martin Luther King Memorial in D.C. is open and, among the 16 or so sayings of Dr. King is NOT anything from the "Dream Speech."  Could this possibly be true?  I cannot believe they would leave out that great line about looking at character instead of a person's skin color.  The reporter must be wrong.

At the same time, the original sculptor for the statue was eliminated because he refused to create a huge, overpowering piece of art, stating (I'm paraphrasing) that Dr. King was a humble man and would never have wanted his image to be so "out there."  Instead, Dr. King would have wanted the words to stand, not the image.  I can agree with that..  I think when people reach the place of being truly great, they have lost a lot of their own ego and their beings are broken into pieces that others can easily absorb.

I'm sure we'll hear more about the memorial over the next few days, since it is suppose to be dedicated (with grand opening) on the anniversary of the Dream Speech and March on Washington, which, to my regret, I didn't participate in.

If the reporter is correct, I can only say, 1) as stupid as I am sometimes, I'm not as stupid as to leave out Dr. King's MOST FAMOUS words and 2) is everyone on drugs except for my very close friends and me?

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