Monday, August 1, 2011

Parents Who Are Divorcing - The U.S. Congress

Children who grow up with parents that fight are recognizing the relevance to the current activities in Congress. The bickering among the two parties in Congress remind me of a couple on the verge of divorce.  The Mediator/Leader, President Obama, is smart enough to realize this is a no-win. Nobody is truly attacking today's problems. Instead it seems to be the same old whining about what got us here.

Many of us can see positives in both sides and negatives in both sides - nobody is totally right or totally wrong. People who are members of the party of Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln (the Republican Party, yes, surprise, surprise, why they don't make this their brand) DO care about others.  At the same time, most Republicans are Capitalists who like entrepreneurship and obtaining goods and success on one's own merits, rather than being entitled to everything. 

And Democrats DO care about others and lean heavily to the entitlement side.  I could never be a Democrat because I grew up in the Deep South years ago where many Democrats also were members of the Ku Klux Klan.  I was a Republican for most of my life, but this past year left the party to become an independent.

And I am sick of this fight. I said in the early 1970s we would get to this horrible economic situation if we allowed manufacturing to leave our country. I wanted to see a law passed requiring that one-half of everything purchased in the U.S. had to be manufactured here.  I was laughed at by people in Congress who didn't believe things in America could fall apart.  I now believe it is too late for the U.S. to recover. There are too many problems and the parents (two parties) are fighting over how to get well.

If I could, I would put all the Republicans on one-half of the country's landmass and the Democrats on the other half. I would let each create their own country and see which one works the best. For myself, I believe people who cannot take care of themselves should be helped, but this doesn't apply to people who don't want to work and they label that not being able to take care of the self. 

I certainly would want every child to appreciate the free education and forget about what happened a hundred or even ten years ago. All that is water under the bridge. It is painful to see a student turn his or her back on a good education because he or she doesn't like the race of the teacher. That is very stupid to do, but it is done everyday.  Idealistically, I hope this changes. Realistically, I doubt it will, at least anytime soon!

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