Friday, December 15, 2017

Been awhile

i keep up with politics and am on Twitter and Facebook often plus blogging on my astrological blog, so haven't blogged here for ages.

After watching the video of the young man admitting to voter fraud in the AL special election between candidates Jones and Moore, i felt angry. The people of AL should decide who will be their senator, not a bunch of people from other states who illigitimately vote.

I don't know if Moore is guily of sexual harassment. It is bothersome that this Barbara Nelson admitted to making changes in the yearbook she sbd attorney Gloria Alred have used as proof that Moore was in some type of relationship with her when he was in his 30s abd she was a teen. No wonder they wouldn't turn over the yearbook for forensic analysis.

I hope the whole truth comes out at some point and i do hope the people who committed voter fraud are charged. We shall see!

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