Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Will families ever see any financial help?

If I were still an investigative newspaper reporter, I would be checking out these "events" in which artists are creating art from the "leftovers" of the Christmas tornadoes in the Dallas, Texas area and are auctioning off or selling the art with the money going to help people who lost their homes.
I don't doubt the artists are collecting trees, limbs, lumber, or whatever, and creating art.
I don't doubt they are offering the items for auction or sale.
I just want to know WHO decides on how the money will be distributed, the names of those families who actually receive the money and how much each family gets.
Often, a generous idea doesn't actually END with financial impact for people. We see this all the time with money the U.S. government sends to some foreign nations - the leader of the country receives the money and sends it on to his/her Swiss bank account, OR huge fundraising events show NOTHING left after all expenses paid, so the people who are supposed to be impacted are NOT (and there is the problem of people emotionally calling in with donations which they never send).
Hopefully, somebody at Dallas Morning News or WFAA or one of the local media institutions will be tracking these art auctions!

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