Monday, August 9, 2010

Transferring my energies back to Astrology

Lots of changes these days. I was heavily invested in Astrology for most of my life, first as a student when I was a child, then as a Professional Astrologer with both individual and corporate clients. Being high-energied, I also owned and operated the talent agency and other endeavors plus was involved in a lot of activities.

Then the time came to pull back from the Piscean Age Astrology so that I could get a better perspective of the big picture and research the Aquarian Age Astrology. I did so, followed my own chart, did everything I believe I was supposed to do, and now the time is coming for me to close down everything else and go to ONLY Astrology and writing. For Astrology or any writings  regarding that topic, I use the DBA Lee masters - the masters is used as a verb because I, like everyone else on this planet, is here to master Life.

The Astrology website is and the blog is I may or may not type opinions in this Lee Gabor blog very often - simply depends on time available.

I always will lobby for what is right and will continue those efforts. The music, photography, etc., are fading significantly. I even sold my baby grand piano and getting ready to sell Boze sound system, stage lights, etc.

Eventually, I also will sell all the teaching items I bought and used during those years as an educator with Dallas ISD.

It especially feels great that my ruling planet (in my Astrological natal chart) Moon is finishing its trip through the 12th House in my natal chart and, in 3 months, will move into House 1 for a whole new 28-year phase. I've been looking forward to this all my life. I now have about 3 months to finish up all old projects, get rid of all the stuff I no longer need, and be ready.

Blessings to you.

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